VP, CM Financial Crisis Management and Reg W Oversight

$73,000 - $135,000 yearly
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  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • Sep 08, 2021
Full time Consultant Finance

Job Description

Job description
VP, CM Financial Crisis Management and Reg W Oversight
Job Description
Working directly with the Head of Capital Markets (“CM”) Testing/ FCM team, the Vice-President (“VP”) of Financial Crisis Management (“FCM”) and Reg W Oversight is responsible for acting as the lead for recovery and resolution deliverable activities and Reg W monitoring for Capital Markets. This includes being responsible for the skills, knowledge and accountabilities listed below.  
Personal Attributes:
  • Service oriented, team player
  • Confident, leader
  • Methodical approach, analytical
  • Problem solver, decision maker, proposes solutions
  • Motivated, self-directed
  • Strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication
  • Calm under pressure, ability to execute while manage competing priorities
  • Anticipate needs and requests
  • Humble, ability to laugh at self
Required Skills
  • Proficient at executing work independently
  • Accountability and ownership of tasks
  • Detail oriented, ability to self-monitor/check
  • Quick learner
  • Advanced critical thinking skills
  • Ability to see connections between distinct pieces of work and the bigger picture
  • Proficient in drafting professional communications
  • Ability to smoothly run calls and meetings
  • Ability to create/execute a detailed plan for short, and long-term work
  • Effectively develops, leads, influences, and challenges direct reports
  • Advanced understanding of Capital Markets (Global Markets and I&CB)
  • Understanding of Regulatory environment in Financial Services
  • Proficient at engaging with Senior Executives, Senior Committees, and Regulators
  • Office Suite proficiency (including Outlook, Teams and SharePoint)
  • Intermediate Excel skills
Specific Accountabilities:
  • Collaboration and coordination with Enterprise FCM – 10%
  • Capital Markets Recovery and Resolution Planning – 50%
  • Committee Preparation and Participation – 5%
  • Reg W Monitoring and Quarterly Process – 20%
  • Reg W program advisory – 15%
Collaboration and Coordination with Enterprise FCM – 10%
  • Assist Head of CM Testing/FCM with interactions with Enterprise FCM; developing planning materials, calendars, sign-off matrices, etc.
  • Collaborate with the FCM personnel responsible specific recovery or resolution plan deliverables to identify deliverables or work products that will be necessary to craft the Capital Markets components of plans submitted to specific regulators.
  • Represent CM executives in discussions regarding sign-off duties and deadlines.
  • Elicit opinions and expertise from FCM reps regarding the plan sections they own.
  • Participate in various scenario and simulation work done to validate planning.
Capital Markets Recovery and Resolution Planning – 50%
  • Develop expertise on recovery and resolution – bank living will topics.
  • Draft and/or edit sections of the various recovery and resolutions plans that have Capital Markets subject matter.
  • Coordinate with CM leadership, desk heads, and specific functions within Risk, Credit, and Treasury to ensure fulsome feedback and review from SME’s.
  • Work with regulators (Coordinated by Enterprise FCM) and industry groups to ensure best practices are known and represented in the plan sections that have CM topics, products, or issues.
  • Update the Trade Book Wind-down (“TBWD”) section of the Enterprise Resolution plan; coordinating with CM leaders and experts, as well as Corporate Treasury.
  • Ensure various other recovery and resolution plan sections are developed and reviewed in a timely manner, prior to executive, committee, and regulatory deadlines.
Committee Preparation and Participation – 5%
  • Review committee materials for Head of Testing/FCM and Head of Business Risk and Solutions.
  • Provide notes and talking points for CM/BRS participants in these meetings.
  • Prepare committee materials for FCM and Reg W related meetings.
Reg W Monitoring and Quarterly Process – 20%
  • Execute the Capital Markets Reg W quarterly attestation process using the CM Reg W Portal.
  • Interact with technology to maintain the CM Reg W Portal.
  • Stand ready to execute trade or data reviews in support of Reg W related inquiry
  • Communicate data or transaction issues that arise to trade owners, Trade Floor Supervision, and the Enterprise Reg W Office.
Reg W program advisory – 15%
  • Work with business units, trading desks, and Trade Floor Supervision to ensure clear understanding of Reg W requirements.
  • Approve Reg W questionnaire embedded in the IAAP/ IAP approvals
  • Advise business leaders, traders, and compliance personnel on Reg W implications to proposed transactions
  • Ensure Reg W training is delivered annually.
  • Maintain Reg W resources, cheat sheets, policies and documents for Capital Markets.
  • 7+ years of relevant work experience
  • Undergraduate degree, Masters preferred
  • Intent and purpose of team
  • Familiarity with FCM or recovery/resolution planning and related regulations
  • Treasury experience or background a plus
  • Knowledge of Capital Markets products, services, and systems
  • This company's organization, including CSAs that interact with Capital Markets
  • Knowledge of Capital Markets LOBs, products and infrastructure required (e.g., people, systems, relationships x-product/LOB)