Software Engineer Level II - V Modernization

$86,600 - $155,200 yearly
  • The Resume Review - Recruiting Department
  • Alpharetta, GA, USA
  • May 31, 2022
Full time Information Technology

Job Description

Job description
This company makes it a daily mission to not only perpetuate advancements in payment technology, but also cultivate our own fin-tech solutions as we fortify the transactional bridge between buyers and sellers. Our global reach allows us to lend a valuable helping hand to over 3 million companies, 1,300 financial institutions, and upwards of 600 million cardholders who all rely on our consistency and dedication to providing a secure and seamless method of money management and movement. With your help, we can solidify the already large footprint Global Payments has impressed upon this bustling industry.Software Engineer, Level II - V Platform and Product Engineering  
What’s it like to work on our team?
Our Platform and Product Engineering team is composed of technical Swiss army knives whose combined ability to craft new capabilities in a rapid, prototype-oriented environment sharpens the overall quality standards of TSYS. Every member of our hard-working collective is truly spearheading the evolution of fintech, meaning that every day you’ll be in lockstep with the  history-makers and future-builders of this industry. From awe-inspiring UX to vast data sets, as you lend your valuable hand and potent brain power to the many facets of this group effort,  you’ll play a significant role in bolstering our culture of growth and innovation for generations to come.As part of the team you will be contributing towards Modernization efforts to architect and design platforms for the cloud
Surely, you’re wondering what happens on day one of being a team member. It’s pretty simple. You walk into the building and are immediately met with a view of the impressive interior of this company's facility. It’s truly a sight. Before long, you are given a shiny new Macbook which you can consider the canvas for your art, the vessel for your innovation, and the key to unlocking your technological imagination. If that doesn’t excite you enough, then meeting your new mentor should do the trick. For the first 90 days, your mentor will back you up as you find your footing in your new role. On that particular day, they’ll introduce you to other team members, help you get a lay of the land, and catch you up on current projects. Then it’s time for the “Pilot Push” which is your chance to shine very early as you create and commit a code push to Git. This is to give you an idea of how dedicated we are to constant forward motion in the fintech industry. If engineering is your passion, this company provides you with an endless supply of thrills.
Everyday you’ll do these kinds of things…
  • Collaborate with engineers across the Platform and Product Engineering team to create technical designs, develop, test, and solve complex problems that drive the solution from initial concept to production.
  • Contribute to our automated build, deploy, and test processes for each solution.
  • Brainstorm ideas and techniques to further improve the experience for our engineers.
  • Work with a wide range of systems, processes, and technologies to own and solve problems from end-to-end.
  • Transcend the traditional boundaries of Frontend and Backend, designing and delivering performant, maintainable, and scalable features.
  • Think in terms of components and systems while considering a holistic user experience.
  • Work in an engineering-focused team composed of people with a wide range of skills.
  • Demo and showcase your work for colleagues and members of the team.
  • Conduct research on new and interesting technologies that help to progress our products and platforms.

Work Experience (one or more of the following)
  • Working experience in migrating legacy applications to Java, spring boot microservices and to cloud environments
  • Experience in building streaming products based on technologies like Kafka and Flink.
  • Experience building high performance and high throughput computing platforms using Apache Spark.
  • Exposure to architectural patterns of large, high-scale applications (e.g., well-designed APIs, mobile apps, data integrations, and/or large mobile web applications).
  • Experience with modern web frameworks 
  • Hands-on experience in implementing scalable software platforms and DevOps driven automated solution
  • Experience in building and/or contributing towards machine learning solutions for business problems.
  • Experience with various database technologies including AWS databases, large scale SQL and NoSQL databases and design.
  • Hands-on experience designing, building, and deploying secure, scalable services in the Cloud and SaaS environments.
  • Deep understanding of software quality and what it takes to construct resilient and impactful solutions
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in computer science, information technology or business information systems or related field.
  • Typically, minimum of 3-15 years - Professional Experience in Coding, Designing, Developing and Analyzing Data.  
  • Certifications in Java, Node.js, AWS, Kubernetes, Spark, or similar areas
Technology Stack
  • Java, Spring, Spring Boot, AWS, Kafka, Kubernetes, Oracle, Postgres, DynamoDB, MongoDB, RESTful, React.js, Node.js , React Native, Redux, TypeScript, Webpack, Babel, Gulp, Airflow, Redash, Hive, Presto etc.