Program Manager – Data Ops Engineering Team - Atlanta

$140,000 - $150,000 yearly
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  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Apr 22, 2021
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Job Description

Job description


Data is at the core of the Aladdin platform and our ability to consume, store, analyze and gain insight from data is a key component of our competitive advantage. The DataOps Engineering team is responsible for the data ecosystem within this company. Our goal is to provide highly available, consistent data of the highest quality to our clients, while evolving our platform to deliver scale to the firm and powering the future growth of Aladdin.
We are driving a major transformation of the entire data supply chain for the firm, while operating the existing pipeline. We face daunting challenges in aligning decisions in both data operations and technology across the firm so that we can design, develop, and deploy the new platform without a hitch. To accomplish this, we have created a portfolio of programs. Some programs own elements of the data supply chain, others own functions that span the entire supply chain.
The programs intersect at specific points but are designed to work in parallel and independently deliver incremental benefit to clients and the firm. All programs follow our “One Program” principle: there is one and only one program for the data supply chain, and it covers the scope of process and technology holistically. Program participants may belong to different organizations but they speak with one voice and coordinate work via one program.
Program Manager Role Overview: 
  • The Program Manager is responsible for one or more programs in the DataOps Engineering portfolio. 
  • He or she provides: program leadership; strategic planning; structure for workstreams; steering committee updates; program management – all within an agile development framework that spans operations and engineering as well as adjacencies such as the Aladdin product group, risk, quantitative modeling, and data science modeling teams. All participants in the program are seconded to the program and are under the direction of the program manager for program-related work. The domain is complex. 
  • The program manager is responsible for crafting a path from requirements to deployment that realizes benefits with minimal disruption to clients and internal consumers. 
  • Successful program managers will be able to break down complex decisions into a series of steps and move the organization through those steps to reach a consensus. 
  • They will need to harness not only their core program management skills but knowledge of data management, technology development, operational improvement, and financial asset management as well as the ability to communicate clear in writing and in speech to all levels of the organizations.
Knowledge / Experience: 
  • A passion for high quality, efficient solutions
  • Strong leadership skills marked by a facilitatory style (possibly learned from management consulting)
  • A sharp analytical mind that can question standard wisdom when it differs from core principles central to program success
  • Demonstrated success in structuring and driving a transformative program at scale
  • Strong communication skills (both written and oral)
  • 7+ years of experience leading complex projects or relevant experience (financial services, management consulting or similar)
  • Ability to deliver in fast paced environment with tight deadlines and demands
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships at all levels of an organization
  • Software development or architecture experience a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and/or a related field