Valerie Fine

  • Vice President of Administrative Operations; Academic and Healthcare Business Operations, Global Training Operations and Physician Faculty Practice Management
  • Perrysburg, OH, USA
  • Jun 01, 2020
Full time Accounting Admin-Clerical Business Development

Personal Summary

Dear Professionals


Thank you for working with me and assisting me in getting my professional presence revamped. I am an experienced healthcare operations management professional with more than 30 years industry experience. I am confident you will find my broad-based skills and talents suited for many professional middle management roles. I have successfully led, directed, supervised and otherwise managed numerous programs, projects, the people and budgets therein; including analytical financial forecasting, database management, personnel needs, workflows, efficiencies, regulatory compliances and more. I am current with all MS applications currently found in busy physician offices, clinics, corporate environments and have completed graduate study coursework at Stanford for their Advanced Project Management Certification.  


For years I have successfully managed the needs of physician faculty, researchers and surgical practice needs (inpatient, outpatient and short stay), managed annual financial and other reporting needs (possess advanced Excel skills), am skilled in preparing presentations (and speaking at large events), managed profit/loss, physician faculty practice plan and internal complex taxation models. I’ve provided other financial planning/tasking, designed and revised research protocols, projects, research publications, managed inventories (including narcotics), provided cost-estimates, special auditing and other analytical projects, and so much more.


As the Administrator and Assistant to the Chairman of Surgery and Urology at UTMC I managed and negotiated the Department of Urology and Surgery Physician Faculty Practice Plans and other departmental, hospital and college needs at the University of Toledo Medical Center for more than 24 years. I moved to California in late 2009, secured a role at The Maas Clinic as their Business Manager, was recruited by Stanford to manage the Pathology Chairman’s Research Laboratory and improve workflows, efficiencies, managed a Resident Research Retreat with Abstract reviews (start to finish, including ordering t-shirts, working closely with catering, marketing, etc.). Over the past 6 years I have continued my learning by shifting my focus to working with biopharmaceutical companies in Silicon Valley; auditing (Gilead Sciences), global training compliances (Genentech), company-wide contracting and development of a new database, workflows, policies and SOP’s, to handle all contracting needs (MyoKardia, including vendors, clinical trials, intellectual properties and more). My most recent role was with Syneos Health, where I provided financial analyst support and leadership to teams working collaboratively with Sales teams (internally/externally), compiling complex Protocols involving large datasets and other applicable financial spreadsheets.   While I have found that work interesting, my main goal is to return to managing and leading teams, preferable at the VP or Senior Management level, and preferable in complex physician faculty practice environments (e.g., Academia, Health Systems, Global Corporate, etc).


Specifically, I have;

  • overseen development, certification/recertification of a thriving renal transplant program at UTMC, was instrumental in setting up the ‘paired donation’ program at UTMC
  • managed a Level One Trauma program (UTMC)
  • been appointed by the Dean of the School of Medicine (UTMC) to facilitate the selection of a new digital medical record system at UTMC (currently in use to this day)
  • maneuvered struggling surgery residency training programs on probation, strategically and skillfully returning them to full accreditation by the Residency Review Committee (RRC) of the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)
  • proctored Board of Pediatric Urology ACGME exams. Held mock-orals, facilitated numerous JCAHO site visits
  • conducted multiple retreats, fundraisers, donor campaigns in various settings, including orchestrating a Pathology Research Retreat with competitive Abstract Contests, a multi-day and off-campus event held annually and hosted by the Pathology Department at Stanford University (4 years consecutively)
  • been trained in writing reports, analyzing, translating and explaining big data in large databases (UTMC, Stanford, Gilead, Genentech, MyoKardia and Syneos Health) and am comfortable writing relational reports and streamlining processes for efficiencies
  • managed teams of unpaid volunteers in the 501(c)3 sector, conducted all aspects of marketing and development, developed fundraisers and policies to assist local animal rescue organizations (20+ years of service)
  • managed research and grants programs, laboratory regulatory compliances, full-scale medical writing and publications processes, improved efficiencies in same
  • performed human resource and other generalist’s activities (UTMC, TMC, Stanford, Syneos Health) and worked collaboratively with problem employees covered by the AFSCME Union, discharging problem employee’s at the State Level through progressive corrective action
  • directed regulatory compliance programs throughout my career
  • managed physician faculty practice billings and collections, managed care, and designed/implemented faculty practice taxation models
  • performed audits (Gilead), provided training compliance expertise (Stanford, Genentech, MyoKardia and Syneos Health)
  • am skilled in developing, negotiating and facilitating all types of contracts, including clinical trials, vendor and other services, personnel, equipment, purchasing, satellite clinics and more
  • am highly skilled in managing workflows, timelines, developing and implementing Policies and Procedures


I enjoy working with people, developing their talents, encouraging growth, mentoring and more. I’m a team player and big picture thinker. Past colleagues have commented that they enjoy my continual upbeat attitude, dependability and willingness to always go the extra mile. You can count on me to ensure your goals are achieved.


Thanks again for reviewing my credentials. I look forward to hearing from you soon.